Lyman Whitaker


Lyman Whitaker has been a practicing sculptor for over 40 years, with a unique knowledge of materials and their application. He focuses primarily on creating wind sculptures, each of which is produced by hand.


Lyman graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Utah. There he studied under Advard Fairbanks and Angelo Carvaglia, learning classical sculpture techniques as well as contemporary design.

About the Sculptures

The sculptures are fabricated from copper, steel and stainless steel, which provide beauty and strength. An applied patina advances the natural verdigris of copper. Every Wind Sculpture has its own security system, and rests on a sealed ball bearing at the top of a vertical rod, providing a maintenance-free life.


The delightful interaction of a Wind Forest mirrors the shifting nature of the wind and environment. Each sculpture's distinctive movement magically enlivens outdoor spaces. Together, a Wind Forst collection is synergistic, an ever-changing piece of fine art.