Dennis Sohocki


Sohocki is known for his classic, graceful modern forms in bronze, marble, stainless steel or hardwood. Sohocki's sophisticated work is characterized by elegant, seamless qualities evoking such images as dance, contemplation, desert canyons, the motion of water and wind, music, poetry, contrasts between the ancient and contemporary, flight and grace. He works to capture the essence of things. His showcase pieces provide a distinctive, conversation-stimulating focal point for any setting.


Sohocki is a craftsman as well as an artist. He prides himself on creating superior-quality, carefully engineered sculptures which he executes in a timely and professional manner. "The reason I use marble and hardwoods for my originals is because I can hold all the planes and lines perfectly true in a hard material. It is more difficult to work with hard materials versus clay but they allow me to create forms that are a pleasure to touch as well as view." One art critic said, "A Sohocki abstraction is a poem in stone or bronze, opening up the senses, setting off memories and associations, and suggesting more than it states."


National Shows

Allied Artists of America, National Academy of Design, Audubon Artists, North American Sculpture Exhibition, Instituto Superior de Arte, both the Kennedy and Denver Centers for the Performing Arts, The Cleveland Art Museum, Marmol Sol VI International Sculpture Symposium, Sculpture in the Park, the Cherry Creek and Milwaukee Art Festivals and the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts. Sohocki is a member of the Allied Artists of America and the North American Sculpture Society.