Rodgers Naylor Workshop

Artist/Teacher: Rodgers NaylorWorkshop 

Title: Oil Painting En Plein Air

Date/Times: August 14, 2014 10AM-4PM August 15-16, 2014 9AM-3PM

Location: Evergreen Fine Art, 3042 Evergreen Pkwy., Evergreen, CO 80439

Cost: $270Class size: Min/Max 5/10


Workshop Description:


It’s summer and we are in Colorado, so let’s go out and paint!


Even for studio painters, plein air painting is usually an essential part of their development as artists, and it keeps their skills sharp throughout their painting career.  This plein air workshop is intended for all levels, though some experience in drawing and painting is helpful.  In the workshop we will cover all of the major elements of making a painting including design, drawing, values, edges and color.  We will pay special attention to the beginning stage, i.e., composition.  The level of success here so often determines the success of the final painting.  This is especially important outdoors, where limited time requires us to simplify and edit what nature has provided in order to make a strong and coherent painting.


The class will begin with discussion and instructor demo, but most of the time will be painting time with individual guidance.  The style will be relaxed and the setting will (mostly) be the great outdoors.  Plan to do lots of painting, meet some challenges, and have some fun.



Supply list:


- Portable easel

- Palette

- Palette knife

- Paper towels

- Odorless mineral spirits (e.g. Gamsol)  No turpentine please!

- Several canvases or panels, recommended sizes range from 9x12 to 16x20

- Brushes:  a good range of sizes, including large ones!  Flats and filberts, OK to include soft and bristle.  It is recommended to have some bristles, especially large ones.

- Oil Paints:  bring colors you are comfortable working with, or would like to become comfortable working with.  Recommended colors:

Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow, medium or light

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Red Medium, Napthol Red or similar

Quinacridone Rose

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean, Phthalo, or Manganese Blue

Phthalo Green


Other colors as you like.  I don't recommend earth colors or neutrals out of the tube, though I realize that there are artists who do great things with them.


Wide brimmed hat

Sturdy shoes


Insect repellent


Trash bags

Tape (opaque)

Clothing for various temperatures



Wet canvas carrying device

SPECIAL NOTE ON CANVASES: stretched canvases transmit light through the back and are not recommended...panels are better.  If you use a stretched canvas it is best to attach a light blocking surface to the back...such as a mat board.


And maybe:

Painting umbrella