Leon Loughridge Workshop

Artist/Teacher:  Leon Loughridge

Workshop Title:  Exploring Boundaries with Moku Hanga Woodblocks

Date/Times:  Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014 – 6-7:30 pm;

Friday & Saturday, Sept. 26-27 – 10am-5pm

Location:  Evergreen Fine Art, 3042 Evergreen Pkwy., Evergreen, CO 80439

Cost:  $200.00 plus $35.00 supply fee            

Class size:  Min/Max   Max of 10 


Workshop Description:


A two-day exploration of traditional and non-traditional techniques of the Japanese Moku Hanga print process.  The extended workshop is designed to explore the traditional and non-traditional techniques of Japanese printmaking. Traditional moku hanga printing techniques will be explained and used as a spring board to explore non-traditional techniques. Students will be introduced to design of a woodblock, image preparation and transfer, and carve techniques.  Students will carve their own multi-block design and print using a rice paste based ink. Students will learn how to print without a printing press, applying press with a traditional “baren”.   Throughout the workshop, Leon will demonstrate the various procedures being discussed and will create a three-color print. Each student will print an edition of their woodblock to create an exchange for the class, each student having a set of prints created during the workshop.


The workshop will be limited to ten students, allowing for personal attention to each student in understanding the procedures and developing their skill level. The moku hanga printing technique is solvent free and is key to maintaining a healthy print studio environment.




All materials are provided for the workshop. All students need to provide is a creative attitude. There is a materials fee of $35 to cover ink, paper and woodblock costs. Each student will be provided with three cherry woodblocks and paper needed for proofing and editioning.  Students are welcome to bring carving tools or other materials if they have some.  There will be carving tools for each student.
PROVIDED:  Each student is provided a procedure booklet, print folio, paper, and blocks.
AVAILABLE FOR USE:  Carving tools, inks, hand wipes for clean up, baren and kento guides.
Students SHOULD BRING:  Apron and enthusiasm.


Students Requirements:

Simplified image design.  Stress simple image design to allow completion during workshop.  Simple image designs will be available.

Carving tools, otherwise carving tools will be available to use during the workshop.


Preview Evening Talk:

A brief history of the technique and its introduction into Western printmaking. Leon encourages students to attend the talk as it will give them a good understanding of the Japanese printing process as well as giving them a head start on the workshop.


Day 1 morning:

Explanation of the technique

Designing an image

Transfer of image to multi blocks

Explanation of Carve Techniques



Leon encourages the group to stay together during lunch to discuss printmaking in general. He will organize a lunch at a minimal fee for those who wish to participate.


Day 1 afternoon:

Begin carve on 3 blocks

Paper prep explanation
Ink prep explanation

Prep paper for next day


Day 2 morning:

Finalize carve

Explanation of non-traditional print techniques

Begin printing of edition



Day 2 afternoon:

Printing of edition

Signing and numbering a print