Leon Loughridge Workshop (Waitlist Only)

Artist/Teacher: Leon Loughridge

Workshop Title: Reduction Woodblock

Date/Times: September 26-28, 2013

(Thursday, Sept 26, 6-7:30pm, Lecture); (Sept 27 & 28 9am-4pm)

Location: Evergreen Fine Art, 3042 Evergreen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439

Cost: $200

Class Minimum / Maximum Size: 4 / 8

Workshop Description:


The extended workshop is designed to explore the painterly aspects of the Reduction Woodblock Process in a “hands-on” manner. The goal of the workshop is to acquaint students with the basic procedures of the process and then offer artistic uses and interpretations of various techniques. Students will be introduced to design of a woodblock, block and images preparation, image transfer, carve techniques, and various registration and printing techniques. Students are provided pre-drawn linoleum blocks which allow them to move through the entire process during the workshop. Throughout the workshop, Leon will demonstrate the various procedures being discussed and will create a three-color reduction print.


A procedure booklet which reviews all topics covered in the workshop is also provided for each participant.


The workshop will be limited to ten students, allowing for personal attention to each student in understanding the procedures and developing their skill level. Leon makes his own odor free inks which will be used during the workshop and request that NO linseed oil based inks or solvents be brought to the workshop.


WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: DAY 1, 9am – 12pm Session: The morning session is divided into two sections. The first session will be a 45 minute power-point presentation on the process with a 30 minute discussion period to follow. This session is open to those wanting a brief overview of the process. The second session will begin after a brief break and will be an orientation talk for those who have signed up for the workshop. I will discuss the materials we will be using, procedures and “Do’s and Don’ts”. We will use this time to allow students to organize their thoughts and work space so they can begin work after lunch. This will be about an hour at which point the workshop group will break for lunch.


DEMO: Developing and printing a Value Progression

LUNCH, 12 – 1pm: I feel it is extremely beneficial to keep the group together, discussing and answering questions in an informal setting, either lunch at the café or a box lunch.

DAY 1, 1 - 4 pm Session: The goal of the afternoon session will be to develop a three value print. This will consist of carving the block, proofing and printing. All students will be provided pre-drawn blocks.



DAY 2, 9am – 12pm Session: Review of the previous day’s work and continuation of printing of Value Progression. Start of color blocks. Review of proof and it’s value.


DEMO: Proofing techniques and options; adding color.

LUNCH, 12 – 1pm

DAY 2, 1 – 4pm Session: Finalize each student’s print. Each student is provided a print folder to protect and organize their printing experiments, proofs and final prints. We will spend a few moments labeling and organizing the prints which can be used as reference at a later date.

DEMO: A group print effort.


Materials List: 

All materials are provided for the workshop. All students need to provide is a creative attitude. Students are welcome to bring carving tools or other materials if they have some.  Please, NO solvent based inks or cleaners. There will be carving tools for each student.

PROVIDED:  Each student is provided a procedure booklet, print folio, paper, and pre-drawn linoleum blocks.

AVAILABLE FOR USE:  Carving tools, inks, hand wipes for clean up, rollers, and hand press.

Students SHOULD BRING:  Apron and enthusiasm.