Lindsey Bittner Graham Workshop

August 19-20, 2016

Artist/Teacher:  Lindsey Bittner Graham

Workshop Title:  Painterly Horses and Pets   

Date/Times:  August 19-20, 2016; 10am-4pm                

Location:  Evergreen Fine Art, 3042 Evergreen Pkwy., Evergreen, CO 80439

Cost: $225.00              

Class size:  Min/Max    4/10



Workshop Description:

This exciting and fun 2-day workshop, open to all levels, will focus on strengthening your drawing, artistic, creative and painting skills from doing quick value sketches, studies to color notes and onto completed studio paintings in oil. Utilizing photographic references of horses, dogs, other animals, or the pets/animals of your choice, emphasis will be placed on the criteria needed to create an exciting and interesting final composition far beyond what photos reveal! Lindsey will demonstrate her working style and techniques she uses to keep her paintings loose, energetic and emotionally charged, yet anatomically correct. Interpreting and pushing values, mixing color, creating a variety of edges, and various brush and pallet knife techniques to add interest and energy will all be addressed.


Supply List:


Drawing Supplies:  Small sketchbook for portable use, small quick sketches/compositional studies. The type depends on personal preference.  It could be smooth or rough.


A few graphite pencils-2B to 6B. Try out a few kinds (full graphite pencils, graphite sticks, etc.)  Kneaded eraser and sharpener.


Paint (basic palette):  Traditional Oils (Gamblin, WN, Rembrandt, Holbein, etc.); OR Water Miscible Oils (Holbein Duo or Cobra, recommended brands)

Titanium white, Cadmium lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow, Cadmium orange, Cadmium red, Cadmium red deep, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Viridian Green, Ultramarine Blue Deep or French Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Manganese Violet (Gamblin), Ivory Black.


Solvents and container (for use with traditional oil paints):  (Gamblin) Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits in a container with a tight closing lid; OR, if you want to paint solvent free, Walnut Oil (M. Graham) works effectively as a thinner and brush cleaner.  Mediums: (Gamblin) Solvent-Free gel or liquid, or (Weber) Res.n.gel are the only mediums allowed (both non toxic and odorless). Please, no Liquin, or any other mediums


Solvents and container (for use with water miscible oil paints): NO solvents needed, Artisan Thinner recommended (can be used with Holbein Duo or Cobra), Artisan safflower oil, water. 


Brushes/Palette Knife:  Variety of Flats, Brights, and Filberts recommended.  Also, 1/4" and 1/2" angled sable brushes.  Have a good range of sizes:  2,6,8,12, 14.  A very small sable flat and round are also recommended.  Palette knife recommended as well.


Canvas/Panels:  At least 5 gesso primed canvas or linen panels or gesso boards (Ampersand ready made).  OR, make your own gesso boards using MDF board (1/4") from Home Depot or any lumber store (can get large sheets for around $20).  Prime first with 2 coats of GAC 100 (Golden Acrylic Colors), then 2 or 3 coats of gesso, lightly sanded in between coats of gesso. Stretched canvas not recommended.  Variety of sizes up to 11x14.  I also love square shaped boards.  


Lightweight Easel:   I recommend a Field Easel or Pochade box (Strada, Open Box M, Guerrilla Painter, Soltek, etc.)  A Julian French Easel or half easel will also be acceptable.  



Additional Items:

Backpack                               Sunscreen*

Trash bags                             Hand Cleaner (Fast Orange)

Sun Hat*                               Nitrile Gloves (if you want)

Painters umbrella*                 Paper towels

Neutral-colored clothing (Bright colors reflect)*

Water                                     Insect repellant*

Dress in layers*                    Camera (highly recommended)


Horse/landscape, barn, or animals/pets (your choice) photos. Photos taken with oblique (side) or back lighting create interesting shadow values and shapes. I will have photos as well to choose from, but photos you have taken often have a deeper connection and meaning.


*These items will be needed if we are able to paint from live horse models at a nearby farm for one day of the workshop (still to be determined).