Gallery Events

Saturday December 10, 2-5pm


Evergreen Fine Art Gallery has been host to countless wonderful events during the last 25 years, and on the afternoon of Dec. 10 owners Barb Hadley and Phil Shanley will host one more.

The gallery’s 25th Anniversary Celebration will begin at 2 o’clock and feature a rare assembly of the art and artists that have made Evergreen Fine Art one of Colorado’s most celebrated private exhibitors. More than 15 members of the gallery’s fine art family will be on hand, all of them treasured by Western art collectors and revered nationally. Art lovers will be able to watch demonstrations by such prominent talents as Edward Aldrich, Stephanie Hartshorn, Robert Spooner and Jie Wei Zhou. As a special treat, models engaged for the occasion will glide among the guests wearing stunning examples of fashion-forward jewelry hand-crafted by Evergreen Fine Art’s own Andrea Li. The celebration is, as much as anything, a sincere thank-you gift from Hadley and Shanley to their cherished fellow art lovers.