Keith Bond Oils


"Keith depicts the majestic landscape with reverence and awe, his paintings take us away to commune with nature," writes Clint Watson of Informed Collector. Keith Bond's exquisite oil paintings exude deep emotion and veneration for the earth. He has a gift of capturing the true essence of the place. Keith - who spent his youth exploring the remote mountains and canyons near his childhood home in rural Cache Valley, Utah - has a natural ability to see beyond the 'picturesque' beauty of a scene. He can also feel the spirit of the landscape. He paints this feeling - an emotional response to the scene - rather than painting a literal depiction.


His work has quickly gained recognition as he has exhibited in numerous invitational, juried and one-man shows across the country. He has received many awards and his work has been included in several publications. His work can be found in many private and public collections worldwide including museums, corporate offices, government buildings, and religious institutions. He was commissioned to paint 2 murals for the Senate Chamber of the Utah State Capitol Building. Additionally, he has monumental murals in several other buildings. Most recently, a large scale mural project was installed into the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The mural, depicting the highlands of Guatemala, measures over 9 feet high and nearly 75 feet long as it wraps around the room.

Murals in the Utah State Capitol Building and Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple